Veteran Co-Living

  • Location

    West Los Angeles, CA
  • Category

  • Status

    In Construction
  • Project Type

    Remodel & Conversion

Project Statistics

  • Units 10
  • Suites 44
  • Floors 3
  • Size 14,450 SF

Meet Veteran, the same kid on the block with a new outfit. Our largest multi-family conversion project so far, 1629 Veteran expands the previously ten units spread across three floors into 44 suites. An extensive remodel and conversion revitalizes the old heavyset front with a new welcoming and airy perforated screen exterior.

Similar to our previous Co-Living Apartments, the design enlists creative storage and space saving solutions to present LA with a new option for housing.

Veteran offers outdoor balconies at an elevated vantage point. Spacious enough to create an outdoors lifestyle within reach yet still small enough to not require a gardener.

Micro-units in principle are not a new concept and compact all-inclusive rooms are the norm in global cities with much higher population density such as New York, Tokyo, and Hong Kong. As Los Angeles slowly but steadily deploys its future public transit infrastructure and converts from flat sprawl into multi-story, the push towards small makes sense as a new wave of inhabitants take a stand against excessive inessentials. This crowd embraces living simply without the expected household demands of an anachronistic vehicle-based Los Angeles stuck in the last century. Uber anyone?

Unlike some of our other projects, The Barrys share a breezeway corridor down the middle lined with trees that provide a privacy barrier between the exterior balconies without the imposing feeling of a solid wall. These pockets of green can feel like the perfect temporary retreat to escape the usual concrete and asphalt jungle.


Moderne Triplex Restoration