Ojai House


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    In Construction
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    New Construction

Project Statistics

  • Bedrooms3
  • Bathrooms3.5
  • Main House3570 SF
  • Pool House350 SF
  • Barn600 SF
  • Guest House250 SF

Situated in the valley in the Topatopa Mountains, Ojai is a village-like city that is nestled away from the urban density of LA. Our clients obtained a unique site that is filled with oak trees - some of which are older than 250 years old - and contains multiple structures built by previous owners; a primary residence, a barn & a guest house.

The site itself was once used as a wellness retreat enclosed with large oak trees and expansive open blue skies. Since then, the property has seen a number of alterations, many of which were quite specific and uncohesive.

We've been tasked with reimagining the property as a compound fit for their family.

The design objective was to increase the size of the home by 1,300 S.F. while creating a cohesive architectural vocabulary that is true to the original character of the house.
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Proposed First Floor Plan

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