Noto Botanics


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    Highland Park, CA
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    Tenant Improvement - Retail


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  • Size890 SF


  • ⬝ Space Planning
  • ⬝ Interior Design
  • ⬝ Custom Furniture Design

Founder, Gloria Noto, came to us with a challenge; take everything about her wildly successful digitally native brand, Noto Botanics, and translate it into a tactile brick and mortar retail space fit for shopping, events, and production. Being users of the products ourselves (T likes the Resurface Scrub and G likes the Agender Oil) we were excited to be a part of the next phase of Noto. We sat down with Gloria and got into her mind to learn more about the brand and where she wanted to take it. What we imagined is a concept for the store that is very much about questioning and exploring supposed dichotomies. Masculine-feminine, hard-soft, art-retail, function-beauty, organic-synthetic, etc. in the same way that NOTO challenges standards of representation in the beauty industry. Our design objective was to show how these ideas could all exist simultaneously within one space with each concept working to enhance the other.

Featured in: Dezeen, WWD, Architectural Digest, Enki Magazine, Yellow Trace

Plaster lime wash feature wall
Plaster lime wash feature wall
Custom vanity with archtop mirror
Custom vanity with archtop mirror
Our approach to the design was to be as creative as possible with a combination of custom and off the shelf pieces.

The existing white and beige terrazzo floors set the tone from the beginning. The curved display wall is clad in a mossy colored lime wash finish that is meant to be inviting and reminiscent of the colors found in the NOTO products. The creamy whites, crushed gravel, shiny chrome fixtures and gauzy beige curtains add texture, depth and movement. The two large mirrors, one arched and one rectangular, are also very much design elements that reflect guests back into the space, making them part of the design and environment. 

More on the gravel display trays; Gravel, a quintessentially organic and rough material is set within the very manufactured and pristine painted metal trays. All serving to display the natural NOTO products in a unique way. Part art, but also an unexpected material that invites customers to come up and touch and feel the display for themselves.

Floating glass shelves for display
Floating glass shelves for display
Acrylic slabs set in gravel
Acrylic slabs set in gravel
Noto founder - Gloria Noto
Noto founder - Gloria Noto
Graphic window signage
Graphic window signage
The space is very focused on bringing people in, having them be a part of the space to hangout and discover.
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