Moderne Triplex Restoration


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Like many young couples in LA, our clients had been on the hunt for a home for quite awhile. They had toured single family fixers, flipped houses, even raw land but nothing stuck. With baby number one on the way they finally came accross a gem in the rough, a 1930's Streamline Moderne Triplex.

But, the property wasn't move in ready. The two structures (with a total of 3 units) needed an extensive face lift. Years and layers of remodels left the interiors dark and bleak, while the exterior was neglected and under utilized. The design goal was to remove all that was unnecessary to reveal the details and simple appeal of the existing architecture.

Streamline Moderne, a style inspired by aerodynamic design, is often charachterized by broad curves, porthole windows and tube steel detailing. The existing structures had some of that, and it was obvious that previous renovations had removed the original character. Through the remodel we highlighted simplicity with custom doors echoing the porthole windows throughout and brought back elegant tube steel guardrails. The exterior received a full refresh including new landscaping and a steel mesh privacy screen around the entire property.

Featured in Faculty Department Vol. II

Reclaimed outdoor space with privacy screen
Reclaimed outdoor space with privacy screen
Front Entry Before
Front Entry Before
Front Entry After
Front Entry After
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Kitchen After
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