Place Tiles

Bathroom tile

The master bathroom in Nina Place remodel features zellige tile sourced from Zia Tiles based in Los Angeles. Zellige tiles are enamel glazed ceramic tiles still hand-made today in Morocco. The artisan craft has been passed down through the generations since the 10th century.

These tiles truly embody the qualities of labor by hand: imperfect edges, uneven surfaces, and variation from one artisan to another produces uniquely individual tiles.

Like snowflakes, no two tiles are the same and its creation process need not change its ways for the past or next millennia.

They say zellige tiles are the sequins of the tile world. You'll see light disperses across an imperfect surface, the bumps and grooves of each hand-molded, hand-cut, and hand-glazed tile reflecting its own unique color even if all are labeled white.

Tiles are installed as close together as possible, eliminating grout lines altogether and preserving those carefully chipped edges. Some like grout lines but in this application, the abutting edges provide enough variation to give the impression of space without needing it on the wall.

For a house already filled with exacting linear lines, the zellige tiles inject a warm sense of perfect imperfections. Like the complimentary grains of white oak on the vanity and cabinet adjacent, parallel lines are not a prerequisite for beauty.